mooospaces is the new online market place to find and book out of office meeting spaces. Based on providing flexibility, convenience and value to both our users and host venues our aim is to become the leading online marketplace for booking out of office meeting spaces.

Today estimates say that between a third and half of all workers are flexible and mobile. We are providing a new solution for these workers who do not work in traditional office spaces & corporate workers who require flexibility and variety in the types of spaces they host meetings. And a way for venues with under utilised capacity during the traditional working day to welcome new customers and generate new revenue streams.

Our model offers a more flexible, affordable alternative to the co-working spaces appearing globally. Our users and venues can select & advertise spaces based on specific meeting dates and times, location, size, privacy and noise level, as well as ambience of space and types of drinks and food available. Our app enables search and review of venues and the unique offers made available to mooospaces users – as well as real time, automated booking without leaving the app.

And each booking is made depending on each circumstance and requirements – with no commitment required.